Restorative with Massage Classes

As in all of our Restorative Yoga classes, enjoy soothing music and soft lighting and/or candlelight while you are draped in cozy blankets and relaxing deeply in restorative yoga poses. But in our Restorative with Massage classes, we provide all this PLUS a luxurious massage!

And the DELUXE version of our special Restorative Yoga with Massage class includes more individualization and massage time for each participant - in fact, there will be one instructor for each student in the class. Each instructor also has a specialization in a particular form of massage and/or Reiki and will devote their time to you, pampering you individually throughout the class with their unique blend of restorative yoga and massage and/or Reiki.

With the Restorative Yoga component, we include more props than you would get in other studios, and on top of that, we do all the work for you: folding, arranging and tucking blankets for you, leading you through transitions so you don't have to think or do anything but move to the next one, etc. This also allows us to fully customize the poses to you individually. Students love it, and really feel the difference as they can relax much more deeply this way.

Visit our website ( for dates for our upcoming Restorative with Massage classes, and contact us to reserve your spot in one.