Restorative Yoga Classes

Experience the luxury of deep and profound relaxation, allowing yourself to let go of all tension in the body and the mind.  

Soft structures are built with bolsters and blankets, over which you lie down and relax, allowing you to rest in very gentle yoga poses for a period of time. This allows the body to gently open to the benefits of the pose, and for you to surrender into relaxation.  

Initially designed for those with injuries or illness, this practice enables you to benefit deeply from yoga without any effort. It is extremely healing, and although it is a subtle practice, its benefits are profound. 

Ideal for anyone under stress or fatigued, worn down from the busy-ness of their days, this practice provides the antidote to accumulated stress and strain in the body. It is especially beneficial for those with anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, cancer, or anyone dealing with a stress-related illness.